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Hearing Aids were a Pioneer in Electronics Miniaturization

Today’s hearing aids are so small and discreet they often go completely unnoticed by the casual observer. Despite their small size, hearing aids are also delivering clearer, more nuanced sound processing than ever before. Such tiny yet powerful devices are a triumph in microcomputers and they are continuing to improve their technology.  But how did hearing aids become so small and strong? The answer may surprise you: hearing aids have long been a leading technology...
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Sensitivity to Sound as We Age

As we age, we begin to witness how everyday things start to change. We may find ourselves moving a little slower, require more time to recharge our energy reserves and for many, sound seems to affect us differently. You aren’t’ just imagining that some sounds seem louder than others and becoming more grating on your patience than before.   The science of your sensitivity By exploring differences in the way younger and older adults respond...
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Why You Should Treat Bilateral Hearing Loss with Two Hearing Aids

Humans naturally have what’s known as binaural hearing, which is the ability to hear in two ears. If you ever enjoyed music in surround sound, then you can appreciate the importance of binaural hearing.  Often, individuals experience hearing loss in one ear (also known as unilateral hearing loss), yet their health care professionals will recommend getting two hearing aids – one for each ear. Bilateral hearing aid fitting, sometimes called binaural hearing aid fitting, is...
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Surprising Links to Hearing Loss

We all know that hearing loss affects many seniors. In fact, roughly half of seniors over the age of 75 have hearing loss. You also know that loud noises can damage hearing, and noise induced hearing loss causes hearing loss among adults, teens, and even children. However, there are a few surprising links to hearing loss that you might not know, and losing your hearing could happen in ways you weren’t expecting.   Pain Killers...
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