When to Take a Hearing Test

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When to Take a Hearing Test

When to Take a Hearing Test
Peter Lucier, HIS

With 48 million in the US alone, hearing loss is not a rare disability and can affect people of all ages. The dangers of ignoring hearing loss pertain to more than just your ears and affect your relationships, your sense of independence, your safety, your mental health and cognitive function. 

The longer you go without identifying and treating hearing loss, the worse these symptoms can become and some of them are sadly irreversible.  Find out how to identify the signs of hearing loss before they become too serious so you can seek help. Here are some basic signs that can signal that it is time to take a hearing test.

Do you frequently ask people to repeat themselves?

This is one of the most common signs that signal that it is time to assess your hearing ability. While it is normal to not hear or understand someone every now and then, if you are asking people to repeat themselves then regularly, it is time to get a hearing test.  

Hearing tests are quick and painless. It is often certain tones or pitches that can deteriorate first as hearing loss develops making it hard for us to hear the totality of what people are saying. Hearing tests will identify what parts of speech you are missing so it can compensate with specially programmed hearing aids. Hearing aids can help you regain the hearing you’ve lost, making communication a breeze again.

Hard to hear in noisy settings

It is hard for just about anyone to hear if there is a lot of racket. However, if you are having a particularly hard time hearing, this is often a clear warning signifying hearing loss. With hearing loss the brain must work overtime to suppress undesired sounds to hear what people are saying to you. 

As humans are social creatures we do a lot of our socialization in crowded loud environments. When it becomes hard for us to hear and converse in public, many withdraw and self isolate, rather than struggle with hearing loss. This can lead to depression, anxiety, sleeplessness and even cognitive decline. Fortunately, modern hearing aids help to suppress background noise and help your brain to favor the sounds that you want to hear in crowded places.

Others complain about excessive TV volume 

It is common for families or roommates to bicker over the volume of the TV or radio in your home every now and then. If these conflicts are all too commonplace in your life, it could be more than just a casual disagreement. When hearing loss starts to come on it is normal for people to be inclined to turn up the volume so you can hear. What may sound excessive to everyone else may just signal a new hearing loss for you.

Trouble on the phone

Not only is it normal to struggle with the TV, but hearing on the phone may begin to be a nightmare. As you struggle to connect with loved ones near and far, it can be hard to maintain working and personal relationships over the phone. It is often harder to hear over the phone in noisy environments or with excessive wind.  

With the help of modern hearing aids there are features that automatically connect your phone to your hearing devices. Using Bluetooth technology the voice on the other end of the phone is sent to your hearing aids, which avoids confusion and distortion in your phone calls. With hearing aids you can start to heal the rifts in your life in so many ways.

Do you have tinnitus?

If you have been hearing a ringing in your ears recently, it is most likely tinnitus. Tinnitus is experienced as a ringing buzzing or roaring in the ears with seemingly no external source. Tinnitus can cause anxiety and sadly, anxiety only exasperates the symptoms of tinnitus. If the ringing is stressing you out, it is a good idea to get a hearing test as tinnitus can often be caused by hearing damage due to excessive sound or aging.

Missing Out on Everyday Sounds

Don’t let hearing loss sneak up on you! You could be missing out on so much! Know the signs and get hearing tests regularly. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain from getting a hearing test and finding out what hearing aids can do for you.

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