Online Hearing Test

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Online Hearing Test

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Step 1

Do you find yourself often asking people to repeat themselves?

Do you have to strain to understand conversation?

Do you have trouble hearing in noisy environments such as restaurants or parties?

Do people you talk to seem to mumble?

Do you often misunderstand what others are saying?

Do you have trouble understanding the speech of women and children?

Do people get annoyed because you misunderstand what they say?

Does your family or friends often make comments about missing what was said?

Do you avoid social activities for fear of not hearing what is happening?

Do you have trouble locating where a sound is coming from?

Do you miss common sounds such as the phone or doorbell?

Do you have a problem hearing over the telephone?

Do you hear better through one ear than the other when using a telephone?

Step 3

Finding it hard to hear?

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