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Challenges with Hearing Speech in Noise – an Early Sign of Dementia?

Do you have trouble hearing in noisy spaces? Most people do. However, for those with hearing loss, it can be an extra challenge. Normal hearing allows us to not only follow the conversation but to identify the direction, proximity, and speed of sounds all around us. This in collaboration with our other senses informs us of the world around us and sense of space. It can also be a challenge to identify the person speaking...
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Hearing Aids are One of the “Secrets of Cognitive Super Agers”

As we become older, finding role models older than us becomes increasingly challenging. However, medical research has uncovered a new group to whom we can aspire: “superagers.” Those in their 70s and 80s with their decades-younger counterparts’ mental or physical capabilities are often given this title.  What makes a superager? Dr. Bradford Dickerson, a neurologist at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital, and his colleagues have been researching super-agers for some years. Their findings show that taking...
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How Hearing Loss Treatment Can Lessen Loneliness

Has social distancing and wearing masks in public left you feeling lonely this past year? It’s important to remember that you are not alone in this. It can be difficult to connect to people when you are trying to stay 6 feet apart and you can’t see people’s facial expressions through masks.  This pandemic may be remembered by many as their most lonely time. This especially a danger for those of us as we reach...
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Sensitivity to Sound as We Age

As we age, we begin to witness how everyday things start to change. We may find ourselves moving a little slower, require more time to recharge our energy reserves and for many, sound seems to affect us differently. You aren’t’ just imagining that some sounds seem louder than others and becoming more grating on your patience than before.   The science of your sensitivity By exploring differences in the way younger and older adults respond...
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